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No hidden limits! In contrast to comparable file sharing services, there are upper limits with us!
Send large files as much as you want, as often as you want.

Free of charge.

Storage is cheap - so why charge money
for it?
We finance the servers and further development exclusively by donations.

No advertising.

We're not a fan of advertising. That's why you'll never find advertising on our site.
It will remain as simple as it is.


Your files will be provided with an individual key. Only people with the download link can download the files.
Our servers are located in Germany.

Further information about transfer.
army on our blog!

to the Blog works for you free of charge
and without advertising.

Support us to keep it that way. Your donation goes 100% to the operation of servers and the further development of paypal logo logo purple

Frequently asked questions:

How many files can I upload?

You can upload as many files as you want. There is no upper limit! After you've added the first files, you can even add more.

How many gigabytes can I upload?

We have no upload limit! So you can upload as many gigabytes of data as you want. Our servers are best suited for this and designed for high data throughput.

Where are the servers located?

The servers are all located in Germany. The data is also stored in Germany.

How safe is is very safe! Each new upload receives an individual key, which can only be identified via the download link. So only you can access the files.

How long are the files stored? stores your files on our servers for 2 weeks. After that all files will be deleted automatically and irrevocably.


Only with you have the possibility to send unlimited files without advertising. Unlike conventional file-sharing services, we are completely free and without limits.

How does finance itself purely from donations! So if you want to continue sending large files without any advertising, then donate to us via PayPal.

What is the aim of

The goal of is to simplify file transfer. Every day more and more data is created that needs to be sent. is the free and unlimited solution for this.


Other than conventional file sharing services, there is no upload limit at We believe that file transfer has become an important element of digital work. Therefore the file transfer should be as uncomplicated and free as possible. With this is no longer a problem, as our highly available and scalable storage system has been specially designed for this purpose.

We have developed a multi-level encryption system to ensure that your data is always sent securely. Each new upload is provided with an individual key, which only you receive via download link. In addition, your data will be encrypted a second time on our servers. With the server location in Germany we can guarantee a high data security and speed. stores your uploaded files for 2 weeks and then automatically and irrevocably deletes them. You can start a new upload at any time, even if you have already uploaded the first files.

If you would like to continue using to the extent you are used to, we would be very happy to receive your donation so that we can continue to offer file transfer free of charge.

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